Saturday, April 02, 2011

The Class Of 2011

Tonight is the annual Hall of Fame ceremony that is held by World Wrestling Entertainment. And here is my annual write-up about the new class.


Game show host, Drew Carey, will be a celebrity induction this year. It's more or less a promotional opportunity as it allows him to plug his new improvised comedy TV show. His only participation in wrestling, as far as I know, was when he was an entrant in the 2001 Royal Rumble. That too was nothing more than a promotional opportunity.


Abdullah The Butcher never worked for World Wrestling Entertainment, or the WWF before that, but he was a major name known all around the world. Abdullah is most famous for his bloody bouts where he would use forks on his opponents. Nowadays, Abby runs his own rib restaurant in Atlanta and is a celebrity in the area. As WrestleMania is in his neck of the woods, it was a given that the local star would get recognised today. He deserves this spot due to the length of his career and the number of places he worked in.


Tammy Sytch was one of the best looking valets in professional wrestling during the 1990s and I must admit - I thought she was smoking hot.
I first started reading about her when she was in Smoky Mountain Wrestling and then she eventually came to the WWF with her real-life boyfriend, Chris Candido, as a bodybuilding duo called The Body Donnas.
She finally moved on from that gimmick and became a flirtatious character that was used in many roles before being released some time in 1998.
She resurfaced in ECW and WCW but it was evident that she was battling 'personal demons'.
Candido died in 2005 and since then she has apparently battled back. The last time I saw her she looked a whole lot healthier than the previous few years that I had.
She's still active in pro wrestling and I've often seen her name appear as guests on upcoming fan conventions and the like.


Bob Armstrong is someone that I haven't seen wrestle. He is a legend within the area of Georgia hence the reason why he is being inducted tonight. I do know his sons, though. Brad, Brian and Scott have all followed their father's footsteps into professional wrestling.


Duggan is one of the most memorable performers from the initial boom period as he was the crazy patriot who came to the ring hoisting the American flag and a 2x4 block of wood.
His matches at that point were comedy bouts or ones to get the top heels over but he was a mainstay in the company at that time.
His best work came in the early eighties in Mid South Wrestling.
He was also around during the other boom period working for World Championship Wrestling as he had moved across during the time when Hulk Hogan joined them.
His career and life was put on hold a number of years ago when he was diagnosed with cancer. He has battled that and made frequent returns to Monday Night Raw over the past few years.


Hawk and Animal were one of my favourite tag teams when they debuted in the WWF in 1990. At that time, they were known as the Legion Of Doom wearing red American football shoulderpads with spikes, mohican hairdos and facepaint. They were bad ass to say the very least. Unfortunately, my knowledge of wrestling was limited back then so I didn't know about their history as 'The Road Warriors' in the AWA and NWA/WCW. I do now through books, magazines, videos and DVDs.
Hawk passed away a few years ago so Animal and Road Warriors'  manager, Paul Ellering, will be doing the honours tonight.


The Heartbreak Kid will be the main event in tonight's ceremony. And so he should.
I think I have followed Michaels' career more than any other wrestler as he is my personal favorite.
His body of work includes some of the greatest matches to have ever taken place. What makes this feat even more incredible is that he has managed to make these matches with different wrestlers and styles.
My personal claim to fame is that I have met him on two occasions. It's cool to say that I've met my favourite wrestler twice.
Yes, the Hall of Fame is a work and some of the names may not get in if it is ran legitimately. Shawn Michaels would get in either way so he is deserving of tonight's recognition.

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