Saturday, March 19, 2011

'Reverse Psychology'

There is a thing I do when I have a bet on and it is not working in my favour.

I turn the TV or computer off and don't look until the result is in. I then send a text message to a friend of mine and more or less give up anticipating a win.

We call it 'Reverse Psychology' because there have been times when things have turned around.

It did yesterday.

I did the giving up spiel on this very blog after a loss in the second race at Cheltenham. I turned the television off and didn't look at the results until well after they had raced.

I won around £57 in one of the Super Heinz bets after I had four winners out of seven. I also had one or two winning singles which brought my total return for yesterday at around £64.

It means that I finished the week only £1 down.

Yes, I am a loser but I'm a lucky one!

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