Friday, March 04, 2011

Plus 24

I have been following the CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) negotiations with the NFL and the NFL Players' Association intently ever since the NFL season ended and was ready for today.

This agreement between the two sides ended at 5am this morning (12am Eastern) and I was anticipating the players to be locked out and for the NFL 2011 season to be put in jeopardy with the strike action.

Only it didn't happen.

Not yet, anyway.

The parties agreed to a twenty-four hour extension to the intense talks they have been a part of over the past few days.

When I heard of the extra time given, I thought I would wait until tomorrow to post something but then I realised what could possibly happen - they'll extend it again.

And again.

So I'm just going to sit and wait to see if anything happens before I dedicate another blog post to the NFL.

Call it my very own lockout.

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