Thursday, January 27, 2011

Was I Fair To Flair?

I'd like to think I am a stand-up kind of person and admit fault when there is evidence to prove it and I am feeling that way right now.

You see, in yesterday's post, in an attempt at humour - I joked about how Ric Flair was missing in Dublin after trying to hold up TNA for money before he completed the remaining dates of their European tour.

I didn't know the full story. More information came out yesterday and it paints a very poor picture for Ric Flair.

And I knew part of this story before yesterday and it didn't even come to mind when I initially read about his hold out.

As it goes, Flair was maxed out on his credit cards after partying his way through the first few days of the tour. He asked his bosses for an advance on what he was going to receive and they declined.

We all know what happened next.

It's a sad story. And yes, you can't say Flair is not to blame. He squandered his money but it was because he lives a certain way and cannot change.

Back in the eighties, at the height of his popularity and during the kayfabe era, he had to be the limousine riding, kiss stealing, wheeling dealing sonofagun that he portrayed on the TV and in the arenas.

He lived the gimmick.

But, living the gimmick when the money has gone was always going to cause problems and it's going to make people from the outside looking in feel that Flair is pathetic.

I've read that people within the TNA locker room are torn between disliking his actions and feeling sorry for him. One even noted how his life seems to mirror that of Gorgeous George - a story that had a sad ending.

Ric Flair's story, regardless of whether he brought it on himself or not, is a sad one. And I feel appalled that I took the low road to take a shot at the guy. This man brought years of entertainment to me and I should have thought more about his predicament before I wrote what I did.

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