Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Saturday Rant At Apple

My Apple iPhone protection plan is going to be up for renewal at the beginning of February so I decided to buy an additional year of coverage.

And what a waste of time that turned out to be.

Firstly, I ordered it on the seventeenth and was told it would be sent 'within 24 hours'. Fair enough, I assumed it would take a day to get to me. The tracking email was sent to me later that day detailing how it is expected to arrive on the twentieth.

It didn't arrive until yesterday.

So, once again, I will repeat the 'not really a bother' sentence.

Fair enough.

After all, it did get to me.

The main reason why I am about to rant is due to the way I had to register this service.

Within the package was a registration number to sign up for the additional year online. So, you spend the £64 and they still want you to do all the donkey work just to get yourself covered.

The numbers were on the cover of the booklet in the smallest font of text imaginable.

I needed a magnifying glass, pen, paper and the toilet to stand on just so I could be right next to a light and, when that didn't work, I downloaded a magnifying glass app.

And even that didn't help me.

Is that meant to be a 7 or a ?


No, it's a 7.

Is that an L or is it a faded U?

Hmm.. if the U is faded maybe the O is meant to be a Q.

Or is the Q meant to be an O with a bit of blemish at the bottom?

I went through all that only to realise that the first letter 'B' was really an '8'.

It would be a lot simpler if they register it at the point of sale. But what do I know? I'm just a customer.

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