Friday, January 14, 2011

More For The Hall

The word going around is there are three big names set for this year's WWE Hall of Fame. As I noted a few days ago, Shawn Michaels has already been announced so the rumour mill is now swirling on who the other two premier names could be.

Atlanta is the site of this year's WrestleMania so it is possible that the Hall of Fame could be based on a WCW theme. Bearing this in mind, I was leaning on Sting or Goldberg being the other two.

Both are symbols of WCW but they could be headline names added for any year of the Hall of Fame. It would be a waste of headliners having these three featured in the same year.

Another name, and one that does make sense considering this is Michaels' year, could be Kevin Nash.

Nash is one of Shawn Michaels' best friends and has recently departed TNA. I would not be at all surprised if Nash is there in some capacity.

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