Saturday, January 08, 2011

The Hilton Winner

I listened to the recent ESPN Behind the Bets podcast where host, Chad Millman interviewed the winner of the Las Vegas Hilton Supercontest.

And boy was this a great story.

Richard Stand was in a good position to win the contest on the final weekend so he headed down to Las Vegas to witness it all play out.

In the interview, he noted how he decided to hedge his bets when he noticed what the other players had picked. His game plan was to cover himself just in case he didn't finish first.

As you already know, he did top the final table.

He also did well with his covers.

Listening to his experience was fun and I urge you to listen yourself. You can picture all the anxiety and elation just from this interview.

I would have loved to have been him that weekend. The adrenaline rush must have been incredible.

He deserves every single coin he made.

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