Sunday, December 05, 2010

There Goes The NCAA Season

The NCAA college football season is now over.

And I am glad.

I've never been able to get into this kind of American football. I'm not sure why, I suppose it has to do with the amount of teams and divisions. It gets confusing for someone who hasn't followed the NCAA.

It was my second season watching it and - just like last year - I spent Saturday evenings with ESPN America on.

But, I would get tired with it and turn it off.

The NFL is far superior.

The NCAA games are also terribly difficult to bet on.

As I have no idea what team is better than the other, I would look at what the Las Vegas handicappers are doing and would follow them. I only did one or two college games a weekend and, out of the entire season, I very rarely hit.

Take this weekend for example - I had two games to go over the total. In game one, I missed by nine points. Last night, I was short by eight.

Close but no cigar.

The season may be over but the college bowl games will now be getting underway. I am at a stage where it's probably best just to sit and watch the games rather than try and bet on them.

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