Friday, November 19, 2010

The Christmas Pringles Hunt

When browsing the Tesco website a few weeks ago, I found 'Roast Turkey Pringles' on the list and I was intrigued.

I'm always one to try out new flavours of Pringles. After all, they're my favourite kind of potato snack.

I figured that the crisps were being launched for Christmas so decided I would buy some the next time I was in the store.

When I finally did make the visit a few weeks later, there was no sign of the Christmas flavour.

So, as I usually do, I went on a hunt for them.

My mission proved fruitless. Every shop I went into didn't have the roast turkey flavour.

I then decided to do a Google search and found numerous articles from wholesale magazines and then I uncovered even more reason to hunt down the Christmas flavour.

Pigs in blankets flavour!

I phoned up the wholesalers for Pringles and the lady I needed to speak to had just finished work. The person on the phone took my number and email address and was interested when I told her of the new range of flavour as she wasn't aware they were out. Then, a person beside her interrupted and told her that these flavours didn't exist. She then relayed the message to me and our chat ended.

I was baffled. I knew I had seen the items for sale on the Tesco website and my Google searches had found the press release articles and even message board posts from people who had bought these flavours.

I decided to compose an email to the Pringles UK website and got a response a few days later. They informed me that the items were still being manufactured and to ask the store manager if they could get them in.

And that was next on my to do list until I found them for sale in Asda.

I ended up stocking up for Christmas. Three tubes of each of the new flavour.

In the press release, it states that forty percent of annual Pringles sales takes place at this time of the year.

I'm not surprised when there is a clamouring for inventive flavours like these two.

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