Saturday, November 06, 2010

End Of Season

It took three and a half years for my desktop computer to give up on me.

The hard drive packed in yesterday and I've lost a few things that I need for the football and American football betting.

Fortunatey, I still have everything else backed up.

I could always start tabulating the stats back from scratch but - with at least two months into the seasons I have following - I cannot be bothered even attempting to try. I'll just leave it for the year.

I had been keeping account of my betting as well. I had detail on all the bets that won and lost, how much I put on and how much I returned. As this was added on a weekly basis - and I hadn't backed up since September - I've lost that as well. All I know is I was about £23 in the black before this weekend.

The bottom line is - I haven't lost anything important and I am insured so I'll be getting everything fixed up. It's just an annoyance that it occured right in the middle of the NFL season when I was doing relatively okay.

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