Friday, October 08, 2010

A Benoit Movie

I read somewhere that the rights to a Chris Benoit film have been secured.

The film will be tied to the book Chris & Nancy which was written by Irv Muchnick.

I read the book earlier this year and wasn't too keen on it.

I know Muchnick worked hard in covering the murders and suicide, I just felt that his investigation went down some routes that diverted itself from the main story. I can understand him following this track, I just cannot work out why he stayed on some of them for longer than necessary.

And that's why I am worried about this movie.

Will it tell the story of Chris Benoit, one of the greatest wrestlers to enter professional wrestling and - in one weekend - destroyed this legacy by killing his wife and child?

Will it be a tale of how WWE covered up their knowledge of the deaths just so they could squeeze in a tribute show knowing that they were honouring a killer?

Or will Hollywood decide the Wikipedia hacker storyline is the way to go?

There are so many angles that this film can take.

I guess we'll find out when, or even if, this ever gets produced.

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