Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Yet Another Scam Call

I received another phone call from India claiming to be BT this morning. I thought I'd twist our conversation to asking about something very important to me.

Me: Hello?
Caller: Hello this is (inaudible) from BT..
Me: ..is WWE going to BT?
Caller: Err..
Me: You see, Sky has had the contract to air WWE since the 1980's and BT is apparently getting it. Is this true?
Caller: No.
Me: Oh good, so it's staying on Sky? It was making me awfully upset to see it go after being on Sky for most of my life (I begin to pretend to cry)
Caller: Uh, uh.. we have a..
Me: Really staying on Sky? Phew.
(Call ends)

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