Monday, December 07, 2015

A Stupid Top 10

You know those silly websites where they have top 10 lists of things and you're supposed to click through each page?

Come on - you know what I mean.

I saw one advertised at the bottom of a newspaper's website the other day and couldn't resist going through it. The title of the article was '10 Wrestlers You Didn't Know Died'

Okay, the subject matter was a tad morbid, but I had to see for myself just how this would work.

Name number one was Chris Kanyon.

Yes, I knew he had died.

Name two - Ludvig Borga.


Lance Cade?


Doink the Clown was number four. I know that Matt Osborne died.

Viscera (Mabel) came up next. I was aware of his passing, too.

Nancy Benoit. WHAT?

Everyone who follows pro wrestling knows about how Nancy Benoit was killed.

The other names on the list were Test, Umaga and Jack Tunney. I also knew about their passing.

As far as I'm aware, Tunney was a promoter and not a wrestler.

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