Friday, November 20, 2015

Morally Bankrupt

Whoever came up with the scripting of the closing segment on this week's episode of WWE Raw is a tool.

As is the person who allowed it to pass the editing stage.

If you don't know what I am going on about, Paige was in a contract signing angle to set up her match against Divas Champion - Charlotte - at this Sunday's Survivor Series. In the angle, Paige mentioned how weak Charlotte's brother, Reid, was.

Reid died of a heroin overdose a number of years ago.

Totally disrespectful. But, should it really be surprising? After all, this is the same company that dragged a grieving Melanie Pillman onto live TV for an interview on Raw just hours after learning her husband, Brian, had been found dead.

Then there was that time Owen Hart was scraped up from the ring for a PPV to continue.

The two examples might pass as poor judgement calls. Fair enough. But what about that 'Eddie's in Hell' line that they had Randy Orton deliver in the months following Eddie Guerrero's passing?

There's heat.

But this wasn't it.

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