Monday, December 22, 2014

Final Fantasy II

I am currently in the final of the NFL fantasy football league I have participated in for the past two years.

Things are not looking good at all.

I entered last week's semi-final as the fourth seed, so was up against the player that finished top of our league. I was lucky to fluke a win there, so wasn't holding out much hope on winning this weekend's game against the player who finished in second place.

He had Andrew Luck as quarterback and I fancied the Colts to do well against the Dallas Cowboys.

I was wrong.

Luck had a dreadful game and ended up being benched as the game was in its third quarter because there was little point putting the play-off player at risk in a game that was a lost cause at that point.

The problem is, Luck wasn't the problem.

My opponent had other players like Green Bay's Eddie Lacy (16.40 points), Dez Bryant from Dallas (13.30 points) and New Orleans' Mark Ingram (11.50).

My star, as he has been throughout the season, was Pittsburgh's Le'Veon Bell (13.20).

As I sit here, I have one player left to suit up. I have 38.80 points in total. My rival has 71.06.

The final player - Peyton Manning.

Can he save me by scoring 32.27 points?

It might be asking a little too much of the great one.

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