Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Eastenders New Year Death Betting

On Sunday morning, I was looking through the Mirror website and came across a story about a bookmaker taking bets on Eastenders.

The firm was apparently accepting wagers on the character that is set to be killed off during the New Year's Day episode.

At the top of the list was Nick Cotton at 5/1. Following behind were names such as Roxy Mitchell (12/1), Tina Carter (12/1) and Dexter Hartman (14/1).

I have a feeling who it will be - and the character's name didn't appear in the list on the Mirror website, so I went onto the bookie's site to check the odds.

I couldn't find anything. That's why I'm not mentioning the bookie. Not advertising a company's odds if they aren't up!

Anyway, my bet would have been on Emma.

The adverts for Eastenders at Christmas has teased that she works out who kills Lucy Beale. With the murderer set to be outed on the live episode of the series early next year, it makes sense for the person who knows the truth to be done away with.

That's where my money would have gone. We'll find out in a few days.

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