Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Pats +3

I was baffled when I saw the New England Patriots were three-point underdogs against the Indianapolis Colts for their game this past weekend.

And the above paragraph was written by a Colts fan. Think of that one.

I was hoping to have a bet on Indianapolis, but as soon as I saw they were down as favourites, I balked.

I would have been happy to bet on them as underdogs. However, I didn't feel comfortable taking them as favourites. Furthermore, my system had the Patriots winning by just one-point. It was telling me to back the Pats, but I wasn't going to bet against Indy.

I'm now glad I left the game alone. The Colts lost 42-20.

There will come a day when they win against the Pats. The day might come sooner than next season, with a bit of luck.


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