Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Today Is WWE Network Eve (Or Is It?)

Tomorrow is the big day.


With the WWE Network set for its UK launch on October 1st, the lack of firm information has been concerning.

I thought there would have been some sort of announcement other than the 'WWE Network will be coming to the United Kingdom by October 1st. Please check back for updates periodically' that has been up at WWE.com since late summer.

WWE Monday Night Raw begins in an hour from when this post is published. With a bit of luck, there'll be more of an update.

And when I write 'Update' I mean I would like to know whether live WWE pay-per-view events will be part of the Network's expansion to these shores.

I have a feeling they won't be. Going by Sky's (rightful!) approach to their television contracts, I would be very surprised if the company would allow WWE to undercut them. After all, they did shell out all that money on a TV contract.

Even though I can see Sky's side to it, it doesn't mean I like it.

I would much rather spend what ever it is going to be a month on a full package and have the PPVs included. So, I'm hoping my fears are unfounded come launch day.

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