Thursday, March 27, 2014

Will We Soon Be Singing 'We Don't Need No Educating' To Channel 4?

I read that Channel 4 are in the process of making a third 'Educating' programme and I have to ask: how long will it take before these fly-on-the-wall documentaries jump the shark?

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Educating Essex and Educating Yorkshire. Both shows had unique stories in them. However, there were a lot of narratives that were too similar when compared to each other.

Yes, it's a programme about schools and identical issues occur at every educational facility. I just cannot shake off the feeling that the people at home will tire of the concept soon enough.

What I would like is for the series to look further afield and follow the day-to-day life of schools in foreign countries. I think that would be just as intriguing.

Educating Walthamstow is set to be aired later this year.

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