Sunday, December 08, 2013

The Final Celebrity

It's the final episode of this season's edition of I'm a Celebrity tonight and I cannot wait until it ends.

To be quite blunt - this series has been abysmal.

And then some.

It used to be the only series from that genre I went out of my way to watch but this year just hasn't been the same as usual.

The dynamic was different this year. There were only a few contestants I was interested in. It was just a really poor mix of characters that didn't blend well together like years gone past.

There was nothing new.

The contraband storyline was blown out of proportion. That just there proves how desperate the producers were to get something out of the show.

Kian to win. However, I'd rather it be David just to end the series on a shocker. There have been some shocking results so far so why not end with another one?

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