Thursday, November 07, 2013

The iPad Air Is Here

The iPad Air is here.

No, I'm not quoting an advertising slogan from a week ago - the iPad Air is really here.

It's in its box behind where I am typing.

If you have read this blog over the past year, you may have come across a post or two where I was eagerly anticipating the release of 'the next iPad', 'iPad 5' or what ever it was going to be called.. I wanted to purchase the latest edition of the tablet so held out for the day it was announced.

When the device was revealed, I felt a little let down as I was expecting it to be a great deal different to the most recent version. I was annoyed that I had waited all that time when I could have easily ordered the, what was then, the current version.

With all that said, I am not disappointed. Not now.

I haven't really spent enough time to get used to it yet, though.

What I will say is it is lighter than the other iPads I have used in the past.

So, yeah. I have fallen for that gimmicky weight boast that the people of Apple have been going on about since the day the product was unveiled.

I'm a mark.

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