Thursday, October 24, 2013

The iPad Air Reveal

I was eagerly anticipating the reveal of the new iPad, which turned out to be the iPad Air. Unfortunately, the rumours and speculation were better than the finished product.

Does it really matter that the new tablet is four ounces lighter than its predecessor?

The fact that it weighs one pound seems to be the main selling point from nearly every video and article I have read on the new hardware.

In the weeks leading up to the October 22nd announcement, I read things such as the iPad 5 - as it was rumoured to be called - having a fingerprint sensor or a cover/keyboard similar to the Microsoft Surface tablet. Alas, neither appeared during the big reveal.

I had been waiting on the release of a new iPad since earlier this year. I made the decision to hold on and wait for the launch of a new model.

Current thought - I shouldn't have waited.

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