Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Avoiding 2 Spoilers Is A Hard Job

Tuesday mornings are hard when you want to avoid spoilers. They're especially difficult during NFL season.

My usual routine is to check email along with finding out the latest American football and wrestling news when I wake up each day so - the day after Monday Night Raw and Monday Night Football - is always a task.

I woke up really early yesterday and tried my hardest to get back to sleep.

I was about to turn on the radio but thought it would spoil the result from the Minnesota Vikings versus New York Giants game.

Instead of going back to sleep, I decided to watch the highlights of the game.

Once I finished that, I decided to look at Twitter.

Until I remembered I still hadn't watched Raw.

I turned the radio on, with full knowledge of what went down in the American football game only to realise the show was pre-recorded from Sunday night.

I could have waited to see the full game later on in the day!

The rest of the early morning was spent avoiding WWE spoilers. When it was time to get up, I headed to the PC to turn on the episode from the night before.

And it hadn't recorded.

Call that a double spoiler avoidance failure.

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