Friday, September 20, 2013

Colts Go 'All-In'

As an Indianapolis Colts fan, I was surprised to see that the team has acquired the services of Trent Richardson from Cleveland.

When I first heard that Richardson had been traded, all I read was a news blurb on a podcast title. All I saw was 'Richardson traded'. I was quite busy to find out any more so put off finding where he was heading until I had some free time.

I did not think for one minute that he was going to Indianapolis.

A few hours later, I managed to remind myself to check the story.

Great news. The Colts now have the first and third draft pick from 2012.

However, there was something in the news stories covering the trade that made me laugh.

With the running back now on its roster, the media are saying Indianapolis are going 'all-in' to win the Super Bowl.

The season is still two weeks old. Every NFL team in the league is all-in to win a Super Bowl.

Just saying.

The Colts are currently 74/1 to win next year's Super Bowl at

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