Thursday, August 01, 2013

Total BS Divas

I watched the new reality show based on the WWE Divas the other day and thought it was what you would expect from a programme from this genre.

Total Divas airs on the E Network in the USA. This is the channel that hosts what ever rubbish the Kardashian clan are currently involved in.

So, a reality show on the same channel as the Kardashians tells you enough, right?

I've heard a number of reviewers of the show say that 'kayfabe is thrown totally out the window' in the series. That's such a foolish interpretation of what they viewed, though.

For a start, this 'throwing kayfabe out the window' lines was more than likely referring to how the Divas and WWE Superstars that appear in the show go by their real name. For instance, Jay Uso is 'John', Daniel Bryan goes by his real name 'Bryan'  you get my drift?

One nitpick to prove my point is that Natalya Neidhart is called 'Natalya' so there is no change. Her real name is Natalie.Work.

I did say I was nitpicking.

Here are some, but not all, of the things I took out of episode one:

- Nikki Bella is jealous of the new girl, Eva Marie, because she looks like her. Yes, I just typed Nikki Bella she of The Bella Twins fame. There was no controversy over Eva Marie looking anything like Brie Bella which was quite ludicrous when you think about it.

-On the subject of Eva Marie - she was asked by WWE to change her hair colour from dark to blonde. This new signee with no TV exposure who needs to impress her bosses takes it upon herself to dye her hair a red colour instead. Work.

- The best example of a reality show 'storyline' was a part where Natalya Neidhart was brought to a hotel foyer a week before WrestleMania and told that she isn't going to be featured at the show. Neidhart breaks down crying. The casual fan probably bought it. The wrestling fan, who understands that matches and angles leading to pay-per-views are set up weeks or months in advance, didn't. Well, apart for 'Kayfabe out the window' folk.

- Ariane from the Fankadactyl dance duo apparently has a mad boyfriend - Vincent - who wanted to fight Brodus Clay for upsetting his girlfriend during rehearsals. I heard that this was a legit thing the producers caught. Call me a pessimist but I'm not buying it. We all know people act up to the camera when they're on reality shows.

- John Cena is datig Nikki Bella and Daniel Bryan is dating her sister. I guess this is good advertising for John Cena versus Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam.

I'm going to watch the entire series so I'll more than likely rant about it a few more times before it finishes.

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