Monday, August 26, 2013

Carol McGiffin & The 'N' Word

I was watching Celebrity Big Brother on Saturday night (don't ask!) and there was something on there that made me roll my eyes.

Carol McGiffin was sititng with Louie Spence and they were talking about Ron Arkinson's career as a television commentator which ended abruptly when the former football manager used the 'N' word to refer to a player unaware that his microphone was still live.

McGiffin was explaining this situation to the dancer and used the word to put the facts into their proper context. It should be noted that the word was beeped out for television viewers.

This is where political correctness goes awry.

In the next scene, they show that Big Brother has called McGiffin into the Diary Room and she is reprimanded for using the word. To make things even more ludicrous, the 'N' word was not beeped out by the producers like it had been in the previous scene.

I guess that means it's not okay for Carol McGiffin to use the word to replay what somebody else had said but it is for the production staff to use it to relay what McGiffin said.

There's something not right there.

I know that the producers don't want a race row on their hands but this was crazy.

They were courting controversy by having Ron Atkinson on the show in the first place. They knew what they were going to get.

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