Thursday, July 25, 2013

Another Black Eye For TNA

TNA is keeping it coming with the controversy.

A few days ago, the wrestling company released Jesse Sorenson from his contract as part of their latest drive to cut costs.

For those who may not remember, Sorenson was the wrestler who was paralysed during a live pay-per-view a while back.

He has apparently made a recovery from the accident. So, on one hand you can see why TNA did what they did by giving him time to recover before letting him go. On the other you can't help but feel it's like the company are washing their hands with a problem.

After all, he was injured on their watch.

When something similar happened to Darren Drozdov during a World Wrestling Federation match, WWF made sure to keep Droz under contract for many years after his injury.

One difference that should be noted for fairness is that Droz never walked again. Sorenson has been 'cleared to wrestle' despite him having never returned to ring action since the injury.

Ironically, the person who accidentally injured Sorenson - Zema Ion - has suffered his own health woes. A growth was found in his bladder and a Kick Starter campaign was created to fund his surgery.

He only managed to raise 23% of his target so he didn't get anything for the appeal.

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