Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Good & Bad Of The WWE Hall Of Fame 2013

I finally got around to viewing this year's WWE Hall of Fame ceremony which is available on the WrestleMania XXIX DVD and Blu-ray.

There was small bits I liked and a lot I loathed in it.

The Good
I enjoyed Bruno Sammartino's induction more than anything on the disc. He is a living legend and, in my opinion, it was great to see him return to Madison Square Garden and get closure to his career in this way.
I also thought the embrace he shared with Vince McMahon at the end of the evening was very cool. It may have looked like a typical embrace to those with no knowledge of their bitter past.
The Bad
I don't even know where to begin with what I disliked.
I didn't notice that silly music that has been a part of previous Hall of Fame ceremonies so that has to be a good, right? Wrong - that song they used this year was okay to begin with but started bugging me by the close.
Mick Foley deserved to be later in the show. No way should he have been the first wrestler honoured on that evening. He should have been the penultimate guy inducted. Total disrespect shown.
The creepy fans booing Trish Stratus' husband and Maria Menounos during the ceremony was quite the turn-off. I know the Hall of Fame is an event and WWE's intention is to make a profit from the evening, I just get the feeling that it would seem more respectable if the fans were forced to pay a higher price to get in and also enforce a dress code (that way you some of the peanut gallery) or, better yet, close the entire thing off from fans and keep it in-house.
Bob Backlund doing his 'Mr. Backlund' character when being honoured was dreadful. Have some respect for yourself, man! 

The Sammartino induction was worth it all, though.

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