Saturday, May 25, 2013

Showing Attitude

I was on YouTube this past Thursday evening and the suggested video feature had the latest WWE DVD - The Attitude Era.

The user had uploaded the documentary portion of the DVD. It lasted a little under one hour and was a fun watch.

As the title indicates, the film is about the World Wrestling Federation from around late 1997 all the way to 2001 where the Attitude Era is argued to have ended.

The Attitude Era was such a great time to be a professional wrestling fan. I really enjoying seeing some of those memorable moments all over again with the added talking heads who are featured in it.

The most noteworthy part of this production of this DVD is that the scratch WWF logo airs as it did back then. Footage bearing the logo had to be blurred in videos produced after the World Wrestling Federation lost a high court ruling to the World Wildlife Fund for Nature in 2002. This loss resulted in the WWF changing its business name to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

If you have a spare hour - and if you can find it - it's worth looking out for on YouTube.

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