Friday, April 12, 2013

A Dreamy Coincidence

I have had some peculiar dreams lately.

Most of the time, I wake up in the middle of them, go back to sleep and when I wake up the following morning, all is forgotten.

There was one that I remembered, though.

I was at this place where I used to walk to school and I was with a schoolfriend who I haven't seen in a very long time. He needed help digging up a tree because he was looking for coins underneath it..

And that is all I can remember. Him digging for treasure.

The following morning, something crossed my mind when I was reading the newspaper and the memory of the dream flashed back towards me.

My initial thought was 'why was I dreaming of that place by the flyover?'

And then a real-life memory came back to me.

Back when I was in the first or second year of high school, I found a bunch of Premium Bond cheques inside an envelope at the very same spot I was dreaming about. I handed them back into the nearest post office but the post mistress told me off for not handing them in sooner.

I laughed that the dream was possibly a sign that my friend was probably about to win on the Premium Bonds/

A day later, I received an email telling me I had won £25 from them.

I wonder if he won something as well.

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