Monday, March 18, 2013

Thoughts On Superior Spider-Man

If you were reading this blog earlier this year, you may know that I bought the seven hundredth and final issue of The Amazing Spider-Man just because I used to buy the comic when I was in my teens.

It had been nearly twenty years since I had read a Marvel comic book and - even though the art and production was great - I didn't care too much for the way they killed off Peter Parker in the issue.

A number of weeks later, Matvel brought out its new Spidey title, Superior Spider-Man, so I decided to buy the first few issues.

Once again, I think the artwork is superb. I just don't like much else.

The story is rubbish and the frequency of issues is rapid (I think I have five issues already and we're only mid-way through March). It was never fortnightly when I was younger, was it?

The one thing that has made me laugh is the reader pages.

At the start, the people were near suicidal over the loss of Peter Parker. Now, as the story has developed and it is looking like Peter Parker will eventually get his spirit back into his own body (yes, it is that lame), the positive letters and email are flooding in.

I'm going to continue reading Superior Spider-Man and see how the story concludes.

Once that is done, my comic book days may be behind me for another twenty years.

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