Friday, March 22, 2013

The Line

The CM Punk biz with the urn made me uncomfortable
-Jim Ross' blog this past Tuesday

Last week, I voiced displeasure at the way Paul Bearer's passing was used in an angle on WWE television. It seemed like my opinion was not in line with the consensus as some reviewers felt it didn't cross the line.

If the first week didn't offend, week two certainly did.

On Monday's episode of Raw, they had CM Punk play around with the urn that he stole a week earlier. He pretended to do Paul Bearer's voice and disrespectfully played with the urn before accidentally (on purpose?) dropping it.

I know a heel has to get heat and - as Punk is facing The Undertaker at WrestleMania - he has to do something to stir the feud. It just feels really tacky.

The line I mentioned above separates being tasteless for entertainment sakes and tastelessness to drive people off in anger and, in my opinion, WWE has its toe out of bounds here.

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