Monday, February 04, 2013


What a farce.

It's 1:56am as I type this and the Super Bowl is currently suspended due to a power outage in the third quarter.

Baltimore are currently 28-6 up and I cannot see San Francisco coming back.

Well, they won't come back if the lights aren't fixed.

I am contemplating turning it off and going to bed because I am starting to tire and this delay will mean I have a later night than I was anticipating.

*  *  *

I'm probably going to jinx myself here but I may as well just congratulate Baltimore on winning the Super Bowl.

As I've noted on this blog recently, I had a 25/1 bet on them to win so that's quite cool.

*  *  *

Speaking of betting, I had a look at how I did this season and I did terribly.

I had a 50.9% strike-rate. It's not good.

The best thing about the season ending now is I can look at where I went wrong and start afresh next season.

* * *

And there was light.

I still think sleep is the better option right now!

*  *  *

4:09am Update:
Well, I did almost jinx it when I congratulated Baltimore earlier, didn't I? I cannot believe how close it was near the end.

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