Saturday, April 23, 2011


Today's game pitting Cardiff City against Queens Park Rangers is one that will define the Bluebirds' season.

As I sit here looking at the league table, it's evident to me - and everyone else, for that matter - that City will need nothing less than a win here.

They're currently back in third place after Norwich leapfrogged them following a 5-1 mauling of Ipswich on Thursday night.

QPR - sitting atop the league - have 83 points, Norwich own 77 and Cardiff have 75.

Ideally, I would like Cardiff to win today and also in their final three games of the season. That will be good enough to keep them in, at least, second place and ultimately promoted to the Premier League.

I can make do with second just as long as I see them promoted.

Winning the league is still mathematically possible but I'm not going to be greedy - I'll happily take second.

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