Friday, February 18, 2011

Kevin Keegan By Ian Ridley

I have just finished reading Kevin Keegan by Ian Ridley and found the biography to be an interesting observation on one of my favourite people in football.

I read Keegan's autobiography when it was first published in 1997 and have since been keen to read more about him as his professional career has made many twists and turns since that time.

This book is a good enough accompaniment to the autobiography as Ridley has interviewed many of Keegan's allies and detractors to shape the character of Keegan. The cover claims that this is 'An intimate portrait of football's last romantic' and Ridley has done just that using names like Bobby Robson, Les Ferdinand and other notable others to add colour to the proverbial canvas.

There was one niggle I had with the artistic license that Ridley used in the chapter of Keegan's initial managerial departure from Newcastle.

The writer claimed that 'the prime minister, Tony Blair, paid tribute' to Keegan upon learning that the manager had left the club. I am in no way doubting Blair had something to say, only that he wasn't the prime minister at the time as Keegan had resigned months before Blair took office. It would have been just a point to make as saying the Labour leader and eventual Prime minister had offered words on the resignation.

I often dislike reading inaccuracies like this in books whether they are intended or not as it often leaves me to wonder whether there are other flaws in the book that I am not aware of.

It didn't cause me to totally disregard everything else that was in the book as most of it was moulded on the opinion and eyes of people who had observed and played a part in Keegan's career as player and manager.

Like I said, if you have followed Kevin Keegan's career and have read the 1997 autobiography, it's a good addition to the Keegan story to have this alongside it on the bookshelf.

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