Thursday, December 23, 2010

Last Night's Paul Burling Show

I was just reading a review of Paul Burling's television show from last night and there is a line in there that was exactly what I was thinking.

The Metro reads: 'Burling's Harry Hill - for which he is best known - is very good, but sort of pointless because he's doing an impression of a man already doing an impression.'

I enjoyed Burling's appearances on this year's Britain's Got Talent but found his TV show a little dull and switched off after twenty minutes.

What did it for me was the Stacey Solomon impersonator.

She was brilliant and stole the show. When that sketch was over I figured there was nothing that could top that. In one fell swoop, Burling's act became old.

It's a shame, really. It could have been good but - and like the Metro also realised - the sketches just weren't good enough and they weren't able to keep me watching.

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