Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Billy Jack Haynes : The Conspiracy Theory

There's no point buying the Billy Jack Haynes : The Conspiracy Theory DVD.

My curiosity on the interview was piqued when I saw a trailer for it. I ordered it a few weeks ago because I couldn't find any clips on Youtube (I should have tried harder).

He had a 'bombshell' he wanted to break and built it up throughout the first two and a quarter hours.

The theory he has is Vince McMahon was the father of Chris Benoit's son, Daniel, and that Benoit found out and that was why the wrestler killed his wife and son.

Yes, it was the most ridiculous theory I have heard about the Benoit deaths. Trust me, I have heard a lot and this one wins the prize.

If you want to see a DVD shoot based on a former wrestler desperate to get his name out there and is obviously mentally affected by the business he worked in - this is the disc for you.

If not, stay well away.

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