Friday, March 03, 2006

It Was Written

I was killing some time this morning and decided to read a few pages of the book 'Harrington on Hold'em' by Dan Harrington and was reading the chapter on 'Betting After the Flop'

He wrote about instances where you had AA and advised on play once you seen the flop. One of his examples was if you were holding the top pair and on the flop came another pair giving you an advantage over the other players because your pair was higher.

Well, as fortune would have it I stumbled upon this exact situation in the Poker Night Live game this evening.

I was dealt A A and was the big blind the person who was the small blind called my raised and it was just between me and him.

The flop came out Q J J.

I checked and he betted.

I raised and he called this raise so I figured that there were 3 possible scenarios. He either had one of the other Jacks and I was done for, he had a top pair but not A A or he had nothing and was bluffing me.

Then on the turn card came the third Jack. I started worrying thinking if he really did have that final Jack I would be out so I decided I would make a small bet. I did that and he raised so I thought 'time to go to school' and went all-in.

He called and revealed a full house Jacks over Queens (he had hit a full house on the flop with another Queen).

I won, however, because my full house was the highest.

I ended up 61st out of 281 players. I have yet to capitalise on my great result last week.

But I will!

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