Monday, June 24, 2024

The Battle Of The Golden Boot Winners

I don't have a lot of positives to write about Harry Kane, but I am going to do so today.

Last night, I read the quote he had made following Gary Lineker's apparent rant against the England squad's performances at Euro '24.

According to a reporter at the press conference, Lineker had called the team 'shit'. Kane responded with the following words. I might not have it verbatim.

'I'd never want to be disrespectful to any player especially one who has worn the shirt and knows what it's like to play for England.. ex players, or ex players who are now pundits have got to realise it's very hard not to listen to it now especially for some players that are not used to it..I know they've got to be honest and give their opinion but they also have a responsibility as an ex-player that a lot of players looked up to. People do care what they say and do listen to them. Everyone has their opinion, but the bottom line is we haven't won nothing (sic) as a nation for a long, long time and a lot of these players are a part of that as well so they know how tough it is...'

Harry Kane

There was a little bit more said after that, but I got enough from the quote.

What this was was Kane telling Lineker he is throwing stones from a glass house. 

And he is spot on.

Remember, this is the same Gary Lineker who took to Twitter in 2018 to tell everyone that their opinion of who Gareth Southgate picked for the England team didn't matter 'one jot' because it was Southgate's team.

All this despite the British public's licence fee money going to Lineker and his colleagues to offer their opinions on football games and <checks notes> England squad decisions.

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