Wednesday, January 03, 2024

Rock, Reigns And The Land Of Oz

The first big pro wrestling news story of 2024 could end end up being the most significant when we look back in twelve months from now.

The Rock made a return to World Wrestling Entertainment on Monday's episode of Raw and conveyed his intent to 'sit at the Head of the Table'.

This term of phrase obviously refers to Dwayne Johnson's cousin - Roman Reigns - who is the current Undisputed WWE Universal Champion and is known as the Head of the Table in WWE storylines.

The Rock on Raw (1/1/24)

A Reigns .vs. Rock match is something I have been anticipating for.. well, I cannot count however many years it has been. What I do know is - for the past few years,when Royal Rumble betting odds have been published, I have always checked to see the price for The Rock in order to set up a title match against Reigns at WrestleMania.

With all that said, and Reigns .vs. Rock is gigantic for WrestleMania, I cannot shake off a thought in the back of my mind that we're not getting that match at Mania 40.

I think it's going to be sooner.

I cannot find the exact article as of the time of writing. However, a few weeks ago, I read a piece from an Australian news website which stated something along the lines of the Australian government wanting to pay top money to bring Dwayne Johnson Down Under for next month's Elimination Chamber.

Seeing as I believed Roman Reigns .vs. Cody Rhodes as the likely destination for WrestleMania 40, I took what I read in the article with more than a pinch of salt. 

After reading about Dwayne Johnson's return last night, which ultimately led to everyone predicting that Reigns/Rock is going to main event Mania, I couldn't help but consider that Reigns .vs. Rhodes is still the April destination with Reigns .vs. Rock taking place in Australia on February 24.

In my opinion, Reigns/Rock should be a Mania match. But, money talks. 

And it could have an Aussie accent.

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