Wednesday, January 17, 2024

NY Bagels (With A Twist)

I bought something intriguing from Asda this afternoon.

It was.a bag of bagels from the New York Bagel Company. However - they come with a slight twist.

Cookies n Cream Bagels

Yep - you read that right: they're Cookies N' Cream flavour.

Cookies N Cream Bagels

I didn't know what to put on mine. I thought butter at first (as I always do with my bagels), but then concluded that I would follow an instruction on the bag which suggests the food is good with chocolate spread.

Cookies N Cream Bagels

I had a jar of Nutella, so used that to spread on the bagel. 

The only problem with these bagels - and the spread I used - is the Nutella seemed to overpower the flavour of the bagel itself. 

With that said, I did enjoy the lunchtime treat.

I suppose one way around the flavour issue is to use plain chocolate spread. Or go to my usual go to: butter.

Or. - better yet - maybe I should try some vanilla icing. 

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