Monday, December 11, 2023

My Week 14 DFS Team (2023)

Due to what happened over the weekend, I had to delay and indefinitely postpone some of the daily posts. Here's a catch-up to the daily fantasy contest posts which usually go up on Sundays. I've added a little more at the conclusion with the results from last night's entry alongside those from the previous weekend.

Here is the team I entered into a daily fantasy contest for last night's NFL games.

Week 14 2023 - Daily Fantasy Contest

* * *

I had a lucky week thirteen.

My team picked up a total of 125.38 points. It finished in 22,691st place out of 145,502 entries and returned £15. That's £6 profit from my entry fee.

It looks like the cut was 118.18 points.

Week 13 DFS Result (2023)

It was back to losing ways yesterday.

Week 14 2023 DFS

Yesterday's team collected a total of 87.2 points and finished in 42,996th position in the £3 contest which had 49,603 entries.

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