Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Beans On Toast (With A Twist)

Heinz has recently brought out a trio of limited edition beans which have curry flavours. I thought I would sample one of the varieties on toast with a twist.

The three flavours are Jalfrezi, Tikka and Vindaloo. I only eat mild curries, so there was only one on my list for the following experiment I came up with.

Heinz Tikka Beans

I had no choice, but to settle for the Tikka beans. The other two had no chance because they are far too spicy and I wouldn't have enjoyed creating my idea.

On the occasions when I have curries, I choose Korma. Venturing into Tikka has been done, but very rarely. 

I always like to have Peshwari naan bread with my Indian meals, so I thought - instead of having the beans on regular toasted bread - I'd put the beans on naan instead.

Heinz Tikka Beans on Naan Bread

To keep in line with this being an Indian take on beans on toast, I melted some cheese on top of the beans and naan bread. After showing my friend what I had done, he asked me if I had used Paneer cheese (Indian). I hadn't. With hindsight, I absolutely should have because it would have made my idea even more on theme.

Heinz Tikka Beans on Naan Bread with Cheese

I enjoyed both the beans and naan bread combo. I would do this again if I ever come across the Tikka beans again.

I'll also do what my friend had suggested and use Indian cheese just to go for an Indian trifecta.

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  1. That looks like my bicycle saddle after a particularly tricky ride