Monday, August 28, 2023

The Two-Minute Warning by David A. Kelly

The Two-Minute Warning - the first book in a series called Football Mysteries by David A. Kelly - was published last week.

In this story, a couple of cousins - Mike and Kate - find themselves in Dallas trying to help the Cowboys' quarterback (the fictitious Carlos Cook and not current QB: Dak Prescott. Or latest signing - Trey Lance - for that matter) work out who has been sending him threatening notes.

As you've likely worked out from my brief description, the 'football' in this book is of the American variety. 

With the 2023 NFL regular season just around the corner, it seems like the perfect time to have released this title.

I introduced my non-football following nephew to this story. Despite having zero interest in American football as a sport, he gave The Two-Minute Warning four stars out of five.

As for me? Bearing in mind I am far above the target age, yet a lover of American football, I too found story enjoyable. Although - I should also be straight up and say I fell for a potential red herring in the story and was sure I had worked out the culprit only to turn out incorrect when the antagonist was unmasked.

The Two-Minute Warning by David A. Kelly

Complimenting the story are drawings by Robert Thibeault. You can see their work in the image of the cover directly above.

I'd recommend The Two-Minute Warning to children whether they enjoyed the sport of American football or not. However, my endorsement would strengthen to children - or families  - with an interest in American football. Furthermore, if the child and his or her family are keen on the Dallas Cowboys, then that increases my level of recommendation higher.

Fans of the Cowboys' division rivals - the New York Giants - might have a contrasting opinion, though.

As well as the story about Carlos Cook and his mystery nemesis, there are facts about the Dallas Cowboys included in the book. Yet again, this may be of even more interest to children and families who follow America's Team.

I am intrigued to see which other teams become part of this new collection of books. David A. Kelly has written many baseball stories in the Ballpark Mysteries. Going by the titles of those, each book appears to focus on differing teams each time, so I expect a similar approach will be done with Football Mysteries.

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