Sunday, August 06, 2023

Double BBQ Quarter Pounder With Cheese

This past Friday, I tried one of the new burgers that have been released by McDonald's for the fast food giant's summer menu.

McDonald's Double BBQ Quarter Pounder with Cheese

It is a double quarter pounder with cheese. But with a twist. It has barbecue sauce as well.

I rarely go for quarter pounders whenever I order from McDonald's. I cannot recall ever having a double quarter pounder at that, but - upon seeing the new menu, and knowing I like barbecue sauce - I wanted to give this new addition a go before it ended up vanishing from the order list.

McDonald's Double BBQ Quarter Pounder with Cheese

It was okay. Just okay. That's as far as I can go with any recommendation. 

What failed was it took a load of bites before I tasted any barbecue sauce. I expected a lot more than I was given (and yes, I know that could be down to the person who made that particular burger on that particular day).

Time for the closing question - would I go out of my way to buy one again? 

It has to be a no. An easy no at that.

The letdown of not having a barbecue sauce taste with every bite was its downfall.

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