Monday, August 07, 2023

The Bard Radio Project: Egypt

In this final edition of The Bard Radio Project - of this current 'season' - I will share with you the Egyptian radio stations I have recently listened to after Google Bard recommended I listen to channels from that country.

The first station I came across was Al Haya FM. It - according to Bard - was founded in 2006 by Egyptian media mogul Naguib Sawiris. 

Al Haya FM

When I tuned in, a song was finishing. It was immediately followed by another. Both pieces of music were sang in Arabic. I call that a win.

The second song was 'Hawel Tensany' by Ramy Sabry, who is - according to Wikiipedia - an Egyptian singer and actor.

Ramy Sabry

I listened to the station for quite some time. During the visit, I read up some information about it. Apparently, it has a listenership of over 10 Million. Nice.

The last song I listened to before moving onto something else was performed by a female artist named Sherine. I looked her name up and I found out that she is also Egpytian and - other than being a musician - also works as an actor, TV host and is also a former judge on what I surmise is Egypt's version of The Voice.

Nile 104.2 FM was my next stop. Just like with Al Haya FM, it too broadcasts out of Cairo. However, there is a difference.

It is claimed that Nile FM is 'an English-language station.. that plays English-language music hits', but - when I tuned in - it was playing a dance tune in a language that wasn't in English.

Nile FM

It also didn't sound Arabic. Not that I would know for sure, though! If I had to make a guess, it sounded more like a deep African language.

Shazam kept up its weekly trend of not helping out when I really needed it to work for me.

The third and final Egyptian station I found was Arab Mix FM.

It was playing an Arabaic tune sang by a female when I tuned in. Shazam did what it mainly does for these Bard posts and couldn't tell me what I was listening to. Despite this, I thought the song was cool.

After the song finished, a male singer began his song but this was interrupted a few times by the presenter. I couldn't Shazam the tune, the DJ continued to pop up over the track frequently, so I decided to call it a night.

It started off well finding Al Haya FM first. The station ticked all the boxes I was looking for in wanting to find music from that part of the world. Everything else after that was, to be fair, a minor step down.

* * *

That's all for now. I fully intend to bring back The Bard Radio Project in the future. However, for the time being, my radio listening will focus solely on my favourite American sports stations. It's almost football season!

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