Monday, April 17, 2023

The Return Of Return Of The Jedi

I came across the following news, via the image below, on Twitter a couple of days ago.

Return of the Jedi (40th Anniversary)

Disney is rereleasing Return of the Jedi in cinemas across the USA between April 28th and May 4th to coincide with the movie's fortieth anniversary.

It looks like the film will also return to silver screens in the UK as well. However, it will have a shorter run starting on April 28th and ending on May 1st - three days before Star Wars Day!

This is quite a historic moment for yours truly because Return of the Jedi was the first film I went to see in a cinema. 

According to IMDB, the movie came out on June 2nd 1983 over here in the UK. 

After going to see it, the film became my number one in the Star Wars franchise. However, maturity has led me to realise the greatest film is its predecessor - The Empire Strikes Back.

Still, Return of the Jedi will forever be held special to me because it was what I watched on my first cinema visit. 

I cannot believe it has almost been forty years since then.

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