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World Cup 2022 Betting Diary Part 2: The Knockouts

Ever since the start of the this year's World Cup, I've been placing bets, of at least £1, on every game. The post I was keeping track of my bets and results was getting far too long, so I've decided to cut the 'World Cup 2022 Betting Diary' into two parts.

The first half, with all the games from the groups, can be found if you FOLLOW THIS LINK.

Here's everything I bet on for the knockout stages of the tournament.


Saturday 3 December
I ended the first part of this World Cup betting diary in £1.96 profit. It wasn't much, but profit is profit. 

Netherlands .vs. USA
I've placed £1 on:

1) Over 2 Goals
2) Most Goals to be Scored in the Second Half
3) Cody Gakpo Over 0.5 Shots on Target

Result: Netherlands 3 USA 1
The game obviously had over two goals. However, two of them were scored in the first half and the second couple came in the final half. I don't believe Cody Gakpo had a shot on target. Not that it mattered because I didn't get the 'most goals in the second half' bet work in my favour.

Argentina .vs. Australia 
£1 on:

1) Both Teams to Score in the First Half

Result: Argentina 2 Australia 1
Both teams scored in the second half after Messi opened things up in the first half. 

I leave the day 8p down overall. 

Sunday 4 December
I have two bets, but only spent £1 for today's games.

France .vs. Poland
A couple of things needed in this £1 bet builder.

1) France to Win
2) Kylian Mbappe to Score Anytime
3) Raphael Varane to Have Over 1.5 Tackles

Result: France 3 Poland 1
The first two selections came in. However, Varane didn't have over 1.5 tackles. 

England .vs. Senegal
I used a free £5 bet builder token. It'll need:

1) Over 2.5 Goals
2) Over 3.5 Goals
3) Both Teams to score in Both Halves
4) England to Have 3 or More Shots on Target

Result: England 3 Senegal 0
No win.

Today's results now leave me at -1.08.

Monday 5 December
Another two £1 bet builders today. They are:

Japan .vs. Croatia

1) Over 2 Goals
2) Both Teams to Receive a Card in the Match
3) Both Teams to Score in the 2nd Half

Result: Japan 1 Croatia 1 (Croatia win on penalties)
I came nowhere with this one. There obviously wasn't more than a couple of goals, both teams didn't score in the second half, and I can only recall one yellow card being issued.

Brazil .vs. South Korea

1) Over 2 Goals
2) Most Goals to be Scored in the 2nd Half

Result: Brazil 4 South Korea 1
Well, I would have got the 'Over', but what slipped me up was the fact that all of Brazil's goals came in the first half!

I'm at -3.08 for the tournament after today's fixtures.

Tuesday 6 December 
I've done one £1 single and a £1 bet builder on today's games.

Morocco .vs. Spain
I have £1 on:

1) Both Teams to Score in the First Half

Result: Morocco 0 Spain 0 (Morocco progress via penalties)

Portugal .vs. Switzerland
The £1 bet builder requires:

1) Most Goals to be Scored in the Second Half
2) Both Teams to Score in the Second Half

Result: Portugal 6 Switzerland 1
The game was 2-0 to Portugal going into the second half, so I was not sure if there would be at least three in the following half. Well, I was wrong. Switzerland's goal was the deciding one for the bet as it meant both selections came in from it. 

The win from today returned £5.17. I am back in profit. However, it's only profit of 9p!

Here are the four bets I've placed for the quarter-final games. Most are bet builders, but one is a single.

Friday 9 December
Croatia .vs. Brazil
I have gambled £2 on the following bet builder:

1) Both Teams to Score in the 2nd Half
2) Most Goals in the 2nd Half
3) Brazil to Qualify

Result: Croatia 1 Brazil 1 AET (Croatia progress via penalties)
This one drew a blank because it was 0-0 at full-time. Oh, and Brazil didn't qualify.

Netherlands .vs. Argentina
£1 bet builder on:

1) Lionel Messi Over 1.5 Shots
2) Both Teams To Score in the 2nd Half
3) Over 2 Goals in the Match
4) Netherlands to Qualify

Result: Netherlands 2 Argentina 2 (Argentina go through on penalties)
This was one of my favourite games so far in the tournament. The bet's only losing selection was the one which needed the Netherlands to get through.

Saturday 10 December

Morocco .vs. Portugal
I've bet £1 on the following single:

1) Both Teams to Score in the First Half

Result: Morocco 1 Portugal 0
The only goal in the game came in the latter part of the first half. Another losing bet.

England .vs. France
I had a free £2 bet builder. It needs:

1) Kylian Mbappe 2 or More Shots on Target in the 1st Half
2) Both Teams to Score
3) Over 2.5 Goals
4) France to Qualify 

I had another free £1 bet builder wager shortly before kick off. I need:

1) Over 2.5 Goals
2) Harry McGuire to be Carded
3) Kylian Mbappe To Score in 90 Minutes

Result: England 1 France 2
In the first bet builder, the selection which let me down was the one which needed Kylian Mbappe to have two or more shots in the second half. Mbappe not scoring in ninety minutes was the only losing pick in the second bet builder on this game.


Tuesday 13 December
Argentina .vs. Croatia
A £1 bet builder on:

1) Most Goals in the 2nd Half
2) Lionel Messi to Score First for Argentina
3) Both Teams NOT to Score in the Match

Result: Argentina 3 Croatia 0
The only selection to ruin the bet was the one which needed the most goals to be scored in the second half. It was 2-0 going into the break.

Wednesday 14 December
France .vs. Morocco
Another £1 bet builder. This one requires:

1) Kylian Mbappe Anytime Goalscorer
2) Antoine Griezmann Anytime Goalscorer
3) France to Qualify

I have also placed £1 on the following 25/1 single:

1) Morocco to Win in Extra Time

Result: France 2 Morocco 0
Another two losses. When it was 1-0 to France, and Morocco were giving them a game, I did entertain the thought of a sneaky extra time win for the Moroccans.


Saturday 17 December
Croatia .vs. Morocco
I took up a free bet offer where I'd get a free £5 bet builder wager on the Final. To qualify, I had to do a £5 bet builder on this game. Here's what I've bet on.

1) Over 3.5 Goals
2) Croatia Over 2.5 Corners
3) Both Teams to Score in Both Halves

Result: Croatia 2 Morocco 1
All the goals were scored in the first half, so I was holding out some hope that luck will land my way in the second. It wasn't to be.


Sunday 18 December
Argentina .vs. France
I used the free £5 bet builder on:

1) Argentina to lift the Cup
2) Over 2.5 Goals
3) Both Teams to Score
4) Antoine Griezmann to Score or Assist

I have also put on a late £5 bet builder on. It needs:

1) France to lift the Cup
2) Mbappe to Score Anytime
3) Messi to Score Anytime
4) Over 2.5 Goals

Result: Argentina 3 France 3 AET (Argentina win on penalties)
What a game. The first bet technically lost when Griezmann was substituted. As for the second one - well, that was looking dead after Argentina went 2-0 up, then Mbappe's first two goals levelling it up revived it. What a thrilling time it was watching out to see if that bet won. Alas, it didn't. I repeat - what a game.

With the 'France to lift the cup' selection losing out in bet builder 2, I had a free £5 bet given to me. I'll spend that on WWE wagering sometime. The promotion doesn't apply to the first bet builder because I had used a free stake originally.

Monday 19 December
And that's it for another four years. I had a lot of fun doing these two posts over the course of the tournament. 

I added the final information into the spreadsheet shortly before adding this part to the post. After all the games, I finished off £16.91 in the red. 

It could have been a lot worse than that!

World Cup 2022 Betting Results

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