Saturday, November 12, 2022

Ecstasy + Agony

The first thing in front of me, when I switched the television on this morning, was the aftermath of the women's World Cup rugby final.

It was easy to guess which team, out of England and New Zealand, were the winners.

The camerawork was excellent. It would show the ecstasy of victory and quickly go to the agony of defeat. The process would then repeat a few times.

Looking at the England ladies' faces, it was safe to conclude that they were the losers. However, I could also sense - just by observing their body languages - that they lost a close one.

What felt like minutes must have been seconds. The scoreline popped up on the screen. I was correct. The final score was 34-31 to the New Zealanders.

I saw a replay of the final moments of the game. It could have been a completely different story if not for a good defensive effort by the eventual winners. 

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