Sunday, October 02, 2022

Running With That Hill

The Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints will play the first London game of the NFL's 2022 season later today.

I'll watch it. As I always do. 

One player I am keen to look out for today is the Saints' Taysom Hill.

Hill, who is a versatile player, is listed as a Tight End on the Saints' roster in 2022. However, his previous role as Quarterback might come into play today due to the team's number one - Jameis Winston - being out with an injury.

Taysom Hill

Winston's backup - Andy Dalton - will take to Tottenham Hotspur's field as the starting QB, but this situation has obviously moved Hill up to number two.

I suspect there will be plays made by Hill simply because he has been practising with the quarterbacks this week.

I picked up Hill in my fantasy league a few weeks ago suspecting there could be a day when injuries - or benchings  - could move him up the quarterback depth chart. I didn't expect it to be this soon, though.

Sure, this is a gamble on my part. I'd rather bite the bullet and lose than not try it at all. 

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